Designing a Church HVAC System

Churches and other religious facilities must be able to maintain indoor air quality and comfort. But because of certain factors such as their unique architecture, open spaces and varied occupancy, the requirements for designing their HVAC systems are slightly different from other structures. They also need HVAC systems that run quietly and efficiently.

Church HVAC System

Several factors go into designing and building a proper HVAC system for a church. Stone Heating and Air takes a look at some of them.

HVAC System Considerations for Churches

  • Warranty. It’s recommended for church HVAC systems to have at an extended warranty that provides coverage for repair and replacement parts. More expensive units often have longer warranties.

  • Price. Church members and leaders know how much they have to invest in the HVAC system, so they’ll either pay it in full or through different financing options that the contractor offers. Sometimes, if they’re not limited by budget, they will choose brand recommended by the contractor for the best quality, comfort and reliability.

  • Sizing. Professional HVAC contractors make sure that the HVAC systems they install in churches are the right size. They take certain allowances into account when they calculate the size, so that they can get an accurate BTU capacity for the building.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Floor area and architecture. Churches often follow a design that incorporates high ceilings that create a large volume of overhead space. This aspect must be taken seriously when determining the right HVAC size, especially when the church has expansive glass windows. This is because glass can admit a lot of solar heat during the warm months while also retaining indoor heat poorly during the winter season.

  • Variable occupancy. The number of people present in a church building will always vary, depending on the time and occasion. The facility may sometimes be at full capacity, but more often, it will be unoccupied. The HVAC system must be able to address both challenges.

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