A Quick Guide to HVAC Do’s & Don’ts

Every homeowner wants their HVAC system to run efficiently so they can be comfortable at home at all times. Usage and maintenance play a big role in your HVAC’s efficiency, so here are the things you should and should not do when it comes to your equipment.

HVAC Do's and Don'ts


Clean Your Home Regularly

Regular cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and reduces strain on your HVAC system. Make sure to check your equipment from time to time, and remove dirt and debris before they accumulate in your HVAC system. Pay close attention to the heat registers, vents and indoor air handler.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Filters catch airborne pollutants as they pass through your HVAC system. However, when your air filters become clogged with dirt and dust, they start blocking the airflow and forcing your HVAC unit to work harder.  It’s best to change filters every one to three months to avoid this problem.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

The longer you put off HVAC maintenance, the more costly and damaging that minor issues can become. Call up a trusted technician for a regular inspection and tune-up. Do this twice a year to keep your heating and cooling system in good condition. During maintenance, technicians typically check refrigerant lines, replace or repair broken components, calibrate thermostats and clean the interior of the HVAC unit.


Frequently Adjust the Thermostat

Constant thermostat adjustments can lead to repeated start-up and shutdown. This on-and-off cycle makes it hard for your HVAC system to maintain your desired temperature. It will just be forced to run longer, causing wear and tear.

Place Plants Near Your Equipment

Blocked airflow reduces your unit’s efficiency and performance, and planting too close to your equipment will certainly restrict your HVAC’s airflow. In addition, plants can grow into your condenser and affect components, potentially resulting in a costly emergency repair.

Close Registers & Vents

Once these openings are blocked, the amount of space being heated and cooled will be affected. Your HVAC system will find it difficult to cool or heat your living spaces, which often leads to a longer run time, a frozen evaporator coil and/or a shorter HVAC lifespan.

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