How Can Yard and Lawn Maintenance Affect Your HVAC System?

Yard and lawn maintenance are regularly done to maintain the appeal of your home’s exterior. However, it’s uncommon for homeowners to overlook the connection between yard maintenance and their HVAC system’s performance. That said, if you neglect your outdoor chores or fail to do them properly, it can damage your outdoor HVAC unit.

HVAC System

Stone Heating and Air share what could happen to your HVAC system if you don’t pay attention to your yard.

Damage to Fan Blades

The fan blades inside your outdoor unit are necessary to pump cooled air into your interiors. If they are obstructed or have problems spinning, you’ll have issues with your indoor temperature and risk damaging your HVAC system. When doing yard chores, remove any branches or twigs stuck between the fan blades. Avoid sweeping debris around the outdoor unit’s area as this can damage or hinder the fan blades.

Air Intake Issues

Your outdoor unit can get obstructed by overgrown shrubs, leaves, or grass limiting the amount of air the system can take in. When this happens, your HVAC will have problems cooling your indoor spaces. Regularly mow your lawn, trim your landscaping and be wary of any trees around the outdoor unit. Large objects can also interfere with air intake, so don’t place yard disposal bins and the like in front of the intake port.

Shifting Concrete

HVAC units typically have outdoor units fixed onto concrete slabs. These slabs can shift due to improper watering and poor yard care, resulting in major damage. Avoid excessive soil watering around the concrete slab to keep the slab from shifting. These slabs can also crack due to moisture and temperature changes, so inspect them frequently to avoid such issues.

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