Month: August 2022


3 Signs Your AC Needs a Recharge

The refrigerant enables your AC to cool your indoor spaces effectively. It travels through the HVAC system, converting low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid. As it does this, it collects...

What to Do if Your AC Is Leaking

HVAC systems consist of hardy equipment and components designed to last a long time. However, they can still encounter issues like AC leaks, which affect their performance and utility costs....

How Can Yard and Lawn Maintenance Affect Your HVAC System?

Yard and lawn maintenance are regularly done to maintain the appeal of your home's exterior. However, it's uncommon for homeowners to overlook the connection between yard maintenance and their HVAC...

How to Efficiently Cool an Older Home

Older homes have a certain charm that many people find appealing. However, with their outdated design and architecture, cooling an older home can be tricky. (more…)