3 Things That Can Strain Your HVAC System

HVAC systems, thanks to advancements in technology, have come a long way in ensuring that homes and businesses are comfortable and energy efficient. But while they’re designed to weather through daily use, they can still be strained, which can bring about premature deterioration that can have you calling air conditioning or home heating companies sooner rather than later due to certain things.

HVAC System

These include:

1. Inconsistent HVAC maintenance – Regular upkeep is required to keep an HVAC system in top condition. However, when maintenance is inconsistent or not carried out, heating and cooling systems end up running inefficiently, working harder than necessary to achieve and maintain desired indoor conditions. If you need an incentive to remember to schedule maintenance more regularly, take note that maintenance programs can result in hundreds of dollars in annual savings for you.

2. Covering vents – All grilles, louvers and vents must be free from obstacles to facilitate the flow of air. Otherwise, your HVAC system  will strain trying to take in and push out air to be distributed around your property. For best results, heating and air conditioning companies recommend making sure all sides of a vent are clear.

3. Not changing air filters regularly – Did you know that 15% of energy waste is due to dirty air filters? They slow down airflow and make HVAC systems work harder to cool or warm spaces, much like what covered vents do. Be on the lookout as well for excessively dirty air filters–they can be a sign that your duct system has a leak.

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