4 Ways an Air Purifier Improves Indoor Air Quality

Harmful indoor contaminants, such as tobacco smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can have a serious impact on your family’s health. As such, investing in an air purifier can help clean the air in your home and make it easier for you and your family to breathe. Here local HVAC contractor Stone Heating and Air presents four ways an air purifier can improve indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality

It ensures cleaner, healthier air. If you or someone in your family is suffering from seasonal allergies, an air purifier will provide instant relief. The ideal air purifier eliminates up to 99% of harmful air contaminants that are likely present throughout your house. By removing the majority of them from your indoor air, you reduce the chances of experiencing respiratory issues.

It reduces pet dander. As adorable as cats and dogs are, they do shed tiny flakes of skin called dander. While this may not affect everyone in your home, dander can cause allergies in some people. Investing in an air purifier allows you to filter out dander that may be floating indoors. Getting one can be worth it, especially if you have furry friends around.

It guarantees odorless air. When air purifiers trap airborne particles and pet dander, they also trap the smells that come with them. These include odors from cooked food, mildew, mold or tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke is especially dangerous since secondary exposure can lead to serious health issues. Remember that children and older adults are vulnerable to second-hand smoke, which can aggravate existing lung conditions.

It slows down dust buildup in the air. Dust may contain dirt, pollen, dead skin and other airborne particles. Thanks to air purifiers, dust buildup in the air is significantly reduced. It’s worth noting that during the first two or three weeks after installing your air purification system, you might notice a bit more dust on the surface. This is because your air purifiers are helping to remove the excessive amount of dust that’s currently in the air.

Now that you know the benefits of air purifiers, reach out to your local HVAC company to review your options. For your indoor air quality needs, turn to Stone Heating and Air. Call us today at (541) 855-5521 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.

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