How Do Spring Rains Affect AC Performance?

Spring is a time of transition, with temperatures and weather taking many turns before the summer heat arrives. One of these weather changes can be an increase in rain in your area. Now you might be wondering if it will affect your air conditioning system. The short answer is yes, but knowing how, why, and what you can do about it requires further explanation to ensure your AC remains intact and is running smoothly.

Stone Heating and Air, a top choice among heating and air conditioning companies in the area, goes over the relationship between humidity, condensation, and air conditioning.

The Connection Between Spring Rains and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners work by drawing in hot air from inside your home, cooling it with the cold coils of a refrigerant gas like Freon then pumping cooled air back inside your house. The evaporator coil takes away most of the heat, but it can generate condensation when water vapor forms on the coil’s surface after exposure to cool temperatures.

The cooling process can be affected when conditions are too humid outside due to rainfall or high humidity levels in general. More moisture must be drawn from every cubic foot of warm outdoor air introduced into the system, resulting in further “stressing” of the AC unit and potentially leading to issues.

Preparing Your Air Conditioning for Spring Rains

Fortunately, a few simple steps can be taken to get ahead of any potential problems spring rains may cause.

Clean the Air Conditioner

Before spring arrives, get in touch with one of the local HVAC companies to have your air conditioner cleaned and inspected. This will help keep debris free from the condensate drain hoses and any other components that rainwater could come into contact with.

Check the Filters

Take a look at the filters of your AC unit. Are they filled with excess dust or dirt? A clogged filter won’t run efficiently and could lead to it retaining moisture from the air. This can lead to issues when trying to stay cool throughout spring showers. Make sure to clean or replace them before the spring rains arrive.

Ensure Proper Drainage

You should also check if your air conditioner’s condensate drain is draining correctly. If the tube or pan overflows, the resulting water damage can prove costly and cause greater issues for your AC unit.

Spring weather in Central Point, OR, may be unpredictable, but you can be proactive by reaching out to trusted home heating companies for assistance. Taking the proper precautions to protect your AC from spring rains can also go a long way toward keeping you comfortable and ensuring the unit is working properly. For more advice or to have one of our experts come in for maintenance and service, call Stone Heating and Air today at (541) 855-5521. You can also fill out our convenient online form to request an estimate.

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