How to Get the Most Out of Your Smart Thermostat in Winter

With the cold winter weather becoming increasingly biting, homeowners are constantly searching for ways to maintain a cozy indoor environment without breaking the bank. A modern solution that has gained popularity is the smart thermostat — a device designed not only to provide comfort but also to enhance energy efficiency.

Smart Thermostat in Winter

In this blog post, we share some strategies to optimize your smart thermostat for the chilly season.

Understand Your Smart Thermostat’s Features

Smart thermostats are brilliant examples of modern technology’s capabilities, and their features go far beyond simple temperature adjustments. These devices learn from your habits and create heating schedules that are tailor-made for your lifestyle. If you’ve recently installed one in your home, take the time to teach it your preferences. For example, lower the temperature before sleeping or leaving home, and the device will adjust automatically on subsequent nights and days. This will save you money on energy costs in the long run.

Avoid Manual Adjustments

Manual adjustments can prompt your heating and air conditioning system to start and stop more frequently, which might lead to higher energy consumption. To avoid this, establish a heating schedule that the smart thermostat can manage. Make manual changes only when necessary and consider revising the entire schedule instead of frequent one-off changes.

Opt for Zone Heating 

Zone heating can be a game-changer for energy savings as it focuses heat where it’s needed most. Smart thermostats can be paired with systems that control different areas of your home, heating only occupied spaces. Take note that closing vents in unoccupied rooms is not a recommended practice as this can disrupt airflow and potentially lead to increased energy costs.

Adjust the Temperature for Savings

Even a minimal adjustment — like lowering the thermostat by just 1 degree — can result in significant savings on your heating bills without affecting your comfort. After making such a change, compare your energy reports before and after to realize the benefits of this small, yet impactful, action.

Leverage Data for Optimal Operation

Advanced smart thermostats provide energy assessments by analyzing the thermostat, weather and energy data. These assessments are invaluable for identifying opportunities to improve your home’s comfort while cutting down costs.

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