How We Estimate the Right Size Furnace for Your Home

Every home has unique heating requirements, and when it comes to choosing a furnace, finding the right size for your home is essential. Today’s article tackles how HVAC companies make these estimations.

The Importance of Size

A properly-sized furnace ensures indoor comfort without forcing you to spend more on heating than you need to. Meanwhile, an improperly-sized furnace can lead to inconsistencies in indoor temperatures, unnecessary energy expenses and an inefficient unit that will continue to experience issues.

If you have an oversized furnace, you may notice that your living spaces are being heated unevenly. Your furnace is likely also turning on and off at a faster rate, placing additional strain on its inner components that will eventually lead to its premature failure. If you have an undersized furnace, on the other hand, it will have trouble keeping up during the coldest winter days, running nonstop and consuming much more energy than necessary. This will also cause it to wear out sooner.

Calculating Furnace Size

Home heating companies take several factors into consideration when estimating furnace sizes.

  • Square footage – How big is your home?

  • Heating factor – Where are you located? The five U.S. climate zones all have different British thermal unit (BTU) requirements. The farther a place is from the equator, the higher the required BTUs will be. We fall under Zone 3, which has a heating factor of 40 to 45 BTUs.

  • Insulation – How much insulation does your home have?

To calculate your home’s heating requirements, we multiply its square footage by the appropriate heating factor. If your home is well insulated, the lower BTU value is chosen. From there, we can select a furnace that corresponds to the value we came up with.

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