Improving Indoor Air Quality by Eliminating Allergens and Increasing Airflow

Indoor air quality is one of the key determinants of the quality of living in your home. Stone Heating and Air, one of the top home heating companies in the state, lists some of the ways you can improve the air quality in your home.

Improving Indoor Air Quality by Eliminating Allergens and Increasing Airflow

Eliminating the Sources of Allergens

Allergens such as dust, pollen and mold spores can drastically reduce your family’s quality of living at home by triggering allergies and aggravating respiratory conditions. A quick clean-up should be able to get rid of the dust, while simply closing windows during pollination season can prevent pollen from entering your home. It’s much harder to get rid of mold spores, however. so stronger cleaning solutions will probably be needed in those cases. You can prevent the formation of mold to begin with by eliminating damp areas in your home.

Cleaning the Ducts

Regardless of how many times you clean the interior, however, dust will slowly accumulate again without proper ventilation. To keep the airflow constant, make sure no furniture is blocking the air vents. Dirty vents can also hamper air circulation, so you should have a contractor from one of your local HVAC companies clean your HVAC system’s vents and registers at least once a year.

Installing an Air Purifier

Some have suggested that having indoor plants in the home can help reduce indoor air pollution, but there really isn’t any conclusive evidence about their effectiveness. Plus, there’s always the risk that the damp soil in plant pots could spur the growth of microorganisms, which can trigger allergies in some people.

For something with more definitive results, consider installing an air purifier, which directly removes airborne particles. Newer HVAC system models often feature air purification capabilities, so if you’re thinking about getting an air purifier to help supplement an aging HVAC system, it might be better to get a whole new HVAC system altogether. Just make sure to hire a reputable contractor from one of your local air conditioning companies to take care of the installation.

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