My New Furnace Smells. Is This Normal?


A new furnace can bring relief during the winter months in Central Point, OR, but a strange smell might accompany it. It’s important to know if this is normal or a sign of something more serious.

What Causes New Furnace Smells? 

There are several reasons why you might notice an odor when using your new furnace.

Burning Dust 

During the first few uses of your furnace, dust and other particles may be burned off by the heat, resulting in an unpleasant smell that should dissipate after a few days of use.

Oil Residue

If your system has been inactive for a while, oil residue on certain components may emit an odor when heated up. Over time, air circulation through your home’s ducts and vents heats and cleans the components, removing them too.

Off-gassing Chemicals

Some furnaces come prepackaged with lubricants and other chemicals, which can cause odors to last longer than burning dust or oil residue. After regular use and ventilation, these scents should fade.

How to Rid Your Home of The Smell 

To rid yourself of any potential odors coming from your new furnace, here are some steps you can take:

  • Clean the air ducts – Clean heating vents in every area to avoid burning dust or oil residue odors. To maintain performance, clean intake and exhaust filters. Debris can raise fan speed to maintain airflow in limited spaces, stressing mechanical parts and increasing energy expenditures.

  • Change Air Filters – Periodically, have one of the leading HVAC companies in your area change air filters. This improves indoor air quality. Based on its purpose and construction materials, filter manufacturers recommend replacing each type at different intervals.

  • Ventilate Area – Keep fresh air coming indoors at all times is recommended, regardless of what type of HVAC your property has.

What to Do if the Smell Persists

After trying these steps, call a professional HVAC technician if the smell persists. The technician can check your furnace for odor-causing concerns. They may also recommend servicing and cleaning your furnace to remove odors. Cleaning or replacing unclean or worn-out blower motors, bearings, belts, filters, and other equipment will eliminate odors.

An air quality test may be needed to detect harmful compounds from off-gassing from the new furnace or other sources. If this issue arises during inspection, the technician can offer recommendations.

If you are experiencing strange smells coming from your new furnace, it is important to take action in order to ensure the safety of your home and family. Contact one of the trusted air conditioning companies, Stone Heating & Air, Inc., in Central Point, OR, for a professional inspection and advice on how to best address the issue. Contact us at (541) 855-5521.

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