The Pros and Cons of Different Ductwork Materials

A well-built heating and cooling system is an important component of any property. This includes the ductwork, or network of tubes that distribute air throughout the interior space. In this post, one of the leading home heating companies in the area discusses four different types of ducts you can install in your home, as well as their pros and cons.

various ductwork materials

Sheet metal ducts. Sheet metal is the most common type of ductwork material. It’s made of galvanized steel or aluminum. It has a thick, tough wall that makes the ducts extremely durable. While its interior is known to collect dust and other particles, it has a smooth surface that makes cleaning easier.

Fiberboard ducts. These are ducts made of fiberglass strands bonded with resin, and foil is commonly added to the exterior for better insulation. Fiberboard is generally less expensive than sheet metal. However, since the interior surface of these ducts is textured from the fiberglass strands, dust and debris can get trapped in the crevices. This compromises the long-term air quality and efficiency of the system.

Fiberglass-lined ducts. The construction of these ducts is similar to that of sheet metal, but with added fiberglass lining to minimize unwanted heat loss. Due to the sealed interior lining, fiberglass ducts require meticulous cleaning. However, this same feature also muffles the sound of the HVAC system, which makes it the preferred material business owners ask HVAC companies to use for the ductwork in their commercial establishments.

Flexible ducts. Made of steel wire helixes covered in flexible but durable plastic, flexible ductwork is the most suitable type to use in tight or awkward spaces because it can bend around fixed fixtures. It’s also the easiest to install and cheaper than most other options. However, these ducts are quite vulnerable to bends, kinks and punctures that can restrict airflow and diminish the performance of your HVAC system.

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