What Causes HVAC Emergencies?

Taking a proactive approach toward your heating and cooling system can help keep it in good shape and prolong its service life. If you know the common causes of HVAC emergencies, you will know when to contact professionals. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners call heating and air conditioning companies for repairs.

Poor Maintenance 

Failure to schedule regular HVAC maintenance from a reputable company is one of the leading causes of sudden breakdowns. When not routinely cleaned, debris will accumulate in the filters and coils of your equipment, resulting in inefficiency or electrical issues. If you don’t replace filters regularly, your indoor comfort will suffer.

Clogged Filters and Coils

Obstructed filters and coils will restrict airflow in your HVAC system, keeping conditioned air from circulating in your living space. When this happens, your equipment will struggle to achieve your desired temperature. During the colder months, ice can form on the evaporator coils due to clogs. You must address this issue promptly to avoid electrical problems and compressor failure.

Refrigerant Leaks  

Refrigerant allows your AC to produce cool air. Your equipment will work harder than it should if the refrigerant line leaks. Over time, it will cause the unit to overheat and require emergency repairs. It’s best to leave refrigerant leaks to reputable HVAC companies like Stone Heating and Air for your safety.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues in your HVAC system can lead to several issues, from reduced efficiency to complete system failure. Problems with the wiring or connections can cause a fire hazard. It’s among the many reasons to get repairs immediately.

Blocked Vents and Ducts

When not addressed quickly, clogged vents and ducts can cause extensive damage to your HVAC system. Besides straining your equipment, they will cause your indoor air quality to suffer.

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