What to Expect in a Commercial HVAC Service Call

The level of comfort and indoor air quality inside your commercial building depends on the performance of the HVAC system. Consistent efficiency is necessary to maintain indoor temperatures and increase both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. But to ensure that your indoor air quality and temperatures are within comfortable levels, your system should undergo routine maintenance checks to keep it in good condition. So, what should you expect in a commercial HVAC service call?

Commercial HVAC Service Call

The Refrigerant Levels Are Checked

As one of the most crucial components of your commercial HVAC system, the refrigerant is necessary to cool and warm the air before it gets pumped into your building. It’s found inside the fins and coils of your system and naturally reduces over time and essentially regulates the air temperature and comfort through a complex process of air blowing over the coils. The technician will have to refill your system with refrigerant if the levels are too low.

The System Gets Cleaned

Since your system works almost every day throughout the year, you should have it cleaned and inspected for any signs of leaks and damage. This is to ensure that the air flows through the evaporator, condenser, coils, and fins without any obstructions from dust, dirt, and other debris. Otherwise, the decreased airflow can affect indoor air quality and your HVAC becomes unable to sufficiently maintain comfort.

Should You Consider a Professional Maintenance Program?

Ideally, your commercial HVAC system must be checked professionally at least twice a year. You should also make it a habit to schedule the maintenance check ahead of when you’ll be using it more often, such as before fall and winter or by the end of spring. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of scheduling appointments every time, consider signing for a maintenance plan. This ensures that your system follows pre-schedule maintenance appointments so that your business won’t get affected.

Count on Stone Heating and Air for your commercial HVAC needs. We work towards helping you reduce unplanned downtime for your business, increasing your asset reliability and life, and making for a healthy and productive environment for both your employees and customers. We provide planned HVAC maintenance and diagnostic services to help your business reduce risk and future costs and avoid breakdowns. Our repair technicians respond quickly in case of emergencies to get your facilities functioning again.

To get started, give us a call at (541) 855-5521, or fill out our convenient online form to request a service appointment.

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