Signs You Need to Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning

A clean HVAC duct is crucial to good airflow and indoor air quality and needs routine cleaning to maintain a good performance.

Professional Duct Cleaning

In this article, Stone Heating and Air list the typical signs you need professional home heating companies to clean your ductwork.

Dusty Grills

Dust and debris on the grills indicate that the duct’s interior needs cleaning. Wipe down the dust on the grills and schedule professional air duct cleaning to avoid allergic reactions and maintain good indoor air quality.


Condensation buildup inside the HVAC system will cause molds to grow near the grills of air ducts. If left uncleaned, your HVAC will blow mold spores throughout your home, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Schedule your duct cleaning to prevent mold infestations.

Worsening Allergies

If your allergies have worsened inside your house, you might have dirty air ducts. Poor air quality contains dust, mold, and other particles that could trigger allergies. To be sure, call HVAC companies to diagnose your system and schedule it for cleaning.

Increased Utility Bills

Clogged filters and narrow passages due to dirty air ducts force the HVAC system to work harder. It will consume more energy to stabilize your indoor temperatures. If the power company didn’t raise the rates throughout the month, your dirty ducts might have caused the increase in your bill.

Infested Ducts

The presence of insects on your property might be due to a dirty duct system that they’ve colonized. It might also be an infestation within your walls that has infiltrated the system. Call a pest control expert to deal with the situation and an HVAC expert to clean the system.

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