Why Are Ductwork Leaks Bad for Indoor Air Quality?

Your air ducts, much like the indoor and outdoor units of your HVAC system, must be regularly maintained to ensure the proper distribution of conditioned air. The presence of leaks in these components compromises not only your home’s comfort levels but also its indoor air quality.

As one of the leading home heating and air conditioning companies in the area, we know all too well how duct leaks can be bad for your indoor air.

Mixing Unfiltered Air With Conditioned Air

A typical heating or cooling cycle starts at the return register, where stale air is pulled into the intake vents, filtered and then blown through coils. Outdoor air, which enters your home through your windows and doors, goes through this filtration step before it’s introduced to the cycle.

When you have a duct leak, unfiltered air from the parts of your home where moisture and mold tend to thrive—think attic, basement and crawl spaces—is pulled into the cycle, lowering the quality of the conditioned air.

Increased Risk of Back Drafts

Furnaces and water heaters emit byproducts that are released outdoors through the flue or chimney. Duct leaks result in negative air pressure around these units, which can lead to these byproducts getting pulled back in through back drafting. There are serious risks associated with back drafting, including that of raising indoor carbon monoxide levels.

Increasing Indoor Humidity

Many home heating companies like ourselves are all too familiar with the way ductwork leaks introduce moisture into the home. This affects the relative indoor humidity, which can, in turn, result in mold and mildew growth. Warm, moist areas in some sections of a leaky duct system are especially susceptible.

Optimize your HVAC system’s operation with our duct repair services. With the help of the certified technicians at Stone Heating and Air, you can be sure your ductwork is fully functional and sealed properly, allowing you to save energy and enjoy the comfort and good air quality at any time of year.

We’re one of the leading HVAC companies homeowners in the area turn to for their heating and cooling needs. Ask about the products and services we offer by calling (541) 855-5521 or filling out our contact form to request an appointment.

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