Having to give your furnace a tune-up is unavoidable. While this may seem like a straightforward task, DIY repairs can actually be surprisingly complex, even for an experienced homeowner. This difficulty means it’s easy to make a mistake that may lead to unnecessary expenses or even put you and your home in a dangerous situation.

Stone Heating and Air is one of the top HVAC companies in Central Point. In this post, we share a few of the most common furnace repair mistakes and how to avoid them.


Forgetting to Turn Off Everything


The sheer complexity of furnace repairs sometimes results in homeowners jumping right in with repairs, unaware that they forgot to turn off the furnace’s supply. Whether it’s electricity or gas, it’s important that you disconnect all the supplies powering the furnace for your safety. Failure to do so can potentially cause dangerous accidents. Before you grab your tools, check and make sure the supply is turned off!


Patching Up Leaks with Duct Tape


Duct tape is great. Many homeowners use it as a bandaid for any problem in their home. It’s not the solution to everything. however – especially if the problem is a leak. If you detect a leak in the furnace, get in touch with your local home heating company. For these problems, the more permanent (and safer) solution is either a repair or q full replacement of the damaged component.


DIY Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the ducts is essential if you want your furnace to continue performing well. While you can brush or sweep the edges, a more thorough cleaning should be done by your local contractor. Cleaning the ductwork requires special tools that most homeowners don’t usually have lying around the house.


At Stone Heating and Air, we have all the  equipment and tools necessary for a thorough duct cleaning. As one of your local heating and air conditioning companies, you can count on us to get your HVAC system into great shape so that your home stays comfortable throughout the year


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