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Spring is a welcome season after the long, cold,  dreary months of winter. While the sun shines and the temperature is just right, the work isn’t over for your HVAC system. In fact, your heating and cooling needs may not change at all when winter’s over – though they may end up at the opposite extreme.

Fortunately, you can make your HVAC system spring-ready with just a few adjustments and some general cleaning. Stone Heating and Air, your local HVAC replacement experts, shares some tips to keep in mind here.

Clean the Outer Coils

The outside unit of your HVAC system may be full of debris from the winter. Things like twigs and leaves are unsightly and can affect the performance of your heating and cooling systems. It’s important to clean the outer coils thoroughly so that your unit performs optimally during the spring and succeeding summer season.

Preventive Repair

Whether it’s a damaged component or a cracked heat exchanger, it’s important to schedule HVAC repair work as soon as possible to control damage and prevent the problem from becoming a more serious and expensive headache in the future. This is also a good opportunity to perform preventive maintenance and address potential problem areas before they manifest. 

Change the Filters

The final and possibly most simple way to keep your HVAC system in great condition is to change the filters. It’s easy to forget the hard-working filters within the unit and the important role they play in ensuring that the system works optimally. This spring, check your filters, then clean and/or replace the ones that have sustained irreparable damage.

Stone Heating and Air is ready to assist you with your upcoming spring heating maintenance and air conditioning repair. Call us at (541) 855-5521 to learn more about our services. We’re HVAC repair experts in Central Point, OR.

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