Can an HVAC Upgrade Increase the Value of Your Home?

An HVAC upgrade can be a significant investment, so before saying yes to this kind of project, it’s important to ask a few questions and get an overview of the current condition of your HVAC system. HVAC repair and replacement expert Stone Heating and Air lists three basic questions that you should ponder below:

Do You Need to Replace Your Ductwork?

Ducts are critical components of your HVAC system. They basically deliver and remove air, and if they’re in bad shape it might take more than the replacement of your heating and cooling units to ensure optimal results. Take note that replacing bad ductwork can be an expensive project, especially if your HVAC unit is over 15 years old.

What’s the Current Condition of Your HVAC System?

Heating and cooling units typically undergo normal wear and tear after several years of use. At this point minor damage can occurs\ and dust and grime can build up inside the machinery and pipes. Having your HVAC system serviced every year can go a long way, but with the help and expertise of a professional, you can figure out when is the best time for an HVAC replacement.

When Is It Ideal to Replace Your HVAC System?

HVAC systems usually last for 10 to 20 years if properly maintained. Looking at the age of your heating and cooling units can be an easy way to determine if you should be considering an upgrade. If your HVAC system has been in need of constant repairs for the past several years or even months, this is a clear sign that you should be planning for a new HVAC system.

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