Heat Pump Leaks: Why They Happen & What to Do About Them

Your heat pump is meant to extract heat from one area of your house and move it to another, allowing your home to remain warm and comfortable on cold days. In order for it to properly do its job, however, your heat pump needs to remain in good condition. According to HVAC companies, it’s possible that your heat pump will start leaking water at some point.

Here’s why heat pump leaks happen and what you can do about them.

Why Heat Pumps Leak

As your heat pump works, it’s normal for condensation to form  However, if you notice that your heat pump is producing more condensation than normal, it’s possible that it’s already leaking. When your heat pump leaks, there are a few possible causes, one of which is ice on the cooling coils, which occurs when the system has lost its refrigerant. Once this happens, ice will build up on the coils, and when it melts, it’ll create puddles below the unit, making it seem as if the heat pump is leaking.

Alternatively, air conditioning companies also say that a problem with the unit’s drainage system may also be the cause. As stated before, heat pumps cause condensation to form, which then travels through the drain line to be disposed of. However, if there’s an issue with the drain line, then leaks are more likely to occur for your heat pump.

What to Do About Leaking Heat Pumps

When your heat pump is already leaking, there’s not much you can do apart from enlisting the services of a professional to determine the cause of the leaks and fix the problem. However, if you want to prevent heat pump leaks in the future, be sure to keep up with the unit’s maintenance requirements. This way, you can have any minor issues that are plaguing your unit repaired before they become too much to handle.

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