Home Heating Systems: Then and Now

Many things inside your home were developed long ago. Heating systems, for instance, have been around since prehistoric times. In this article, Stone Heating and Air, one of the most reputable HVAC companies in the area, shares a brief history of home heating systems.

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Home Heating Systems: Then and Now

Home Heating Systems: Then

Heating systems date back about two million years ago to when humans learned how to cook with fire. Along with this discovery, they learned to use heat to warm their dwellings. Then, during the Greek and Roman civilizations, what was one of the precursors of central heating systems — specifically gas furnaces — was created. It consisted of flues placed in the ground inside the excavated Temple of Ephesus, and it functioned by circulating heat produced by the fire.

During the Middle Ages, clay stoves were introduced. And in the Renaissance period, the central heating system was revived by diverting river water and heating it with wood-burning furnaces.

The era of modern home heating began in the 1600s with the circulating fireplace, which had a raised grate that allowed for airflow. During the early 1700s in England, combustion air from an outside duct was used to circulate heat. In 1855, the radiator was invented in Russia. Finally, 30 years later, the first thermostat was patented.

Home Heating Systems: Now

Home heating companies would probably be in agreement when we say that efficiency is one of the biggest improvements that have been made to modern heating systems. Today’s gas furnaces, for example, are made with variable-speed technology. This enables the unit to change the speed at which the air is blown into your home, which helps ensure a comfortable indoor environment.

Traditional furnaces have only two stages — 100% capacity and off. Meanwhile, today’s furnaces can fire at varying levels to better meet your comfort demands. This also helps you save money, as these systems don’t consume excessive energy.

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