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Air duct cleaning is integral to maintaining good indoor air quality for your home, keeping allergens and other airborne particles at bay to ensure you and your family only breathe in clean air. Additionally, it plays a role in making sure you have proper air flow, guaranteeing your HVAC replacement performs as it should.

How Often to Do It

While regular air duct cleaning is important, you don’t have to do it often. Typically, air ducts fill up with dirt and grime within three to five years, so you need to schedule at least one cleaning within that time period. However, there are instances when more frequent cleanings may be required, such as when you live in an older home and have pets, or if you have or live with someone who has allergies or a respiratory illness.

If you’re not sure when you last had air duct cleaning and air conditioning repair done–meaning you don’t know when to schedule the next one–you can take cues from certain signs. It’s highly likely you’re due for an air duct cleaning when you start experiencing the following:

  • Visible dust in the air ducts

  • Visible dust exiting the air vents

  • Increased dust levels inside your home

  • Increased and more frequent allergy symptoms

  • Increased and more frequent respiratory discomfort

  • Vermin and/or Insect activity in your ductwork

  • Mold growth in the air ducts

It’s also ideal to have your air ducts cleaned if you just moved into a new home, and after any construction work has been  completed on your property. 

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