3 Common Commercial HVAC Mistakes That Waste Energy

Expenses are always a concern for property owners, which is why it’s crucial to make sure your HVAC system is performing as it should so you’re able to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of energy-efficient equipment. Unfortunately, there may be things you’re doing that are actually wasting energy. According to commercial and home heating repair expert Stone Heating and Air, these include:

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3 Common Commercial HVAC Mistakes That Waste Energy

Overheating/Overcooling Your Building

Observe the people in your building to see if you have indoor temperatures set right. If you see them using fans or bundling up to stay comfortable, you should adjust the temperature a couple of degrees up or down, depending on your heating and cooling requirements. Going beyond what’s needed is unnecessary. Rather, it’s simply a waste of energy and, ultimately, money for you. For flexible temperature control, invest in programmable thermostats and consider what zoning can do for you.

Not Changing Air Filters Regularly

Air conditioning and furnace filters have to be checked and changed regularly to ensure your HVAC system is receiving ample air flow to operate as it should. Clean air filters and regular duct cleaning will prevent your heating and cooling system from working doubly hard to meet your needs and using excessive energy.

Thinking Preventive Maintenance Isn’t Needed

HVAC systems are investments for businesses, and preventive maintenance programs are investments into those investments. While it’s true that you’re looking at additional expenses upfront, you’ll actually save money (and energy) down the line with preventive maintenance. Routine HVAC care ensures that you’re able to catch problems while they’re small. preventing them from getting worse and causing bigger issues that cost more to remedy and strain the operation of your heating and cooling system. You can also schedule an energy audit along with your HVAC maintenance program to give you an idea of how your business can become more energy-efficient.

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