Is It Safe to Run Your Air Conditioner During a Thunderstorm?

Moisture and warmth are essential to the formation of thunderstorms, which is why they happen more often in the summertime. At this time of the year, air conditioning helps you stay comfortable at home. However, it can be dangerous to keep your AC running during a thunderstorm.

Today, one of the most trusted local HVAC companies, Stone Heating and Air, explains why you should turn off your air conditioner during a thunderstorm.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

While there’s only a small possibility that lightning will strike your home, it can cause a huge power surge through your electrical system if it does happen. Around five billion joules of energy can be sent through the wiring even before the breaker is tripped. This can cause severe damage to your air conditioner if it’s running.

Your AC may not be useable after suffering damage from a lightning strike. For one thing, the plug to your unit might melt, while the sensitive electrical circuitry in the control panel could be damaged. Problems such as these require major repairs or even an HVAC replacement. You can rely on Stone Heating and Air, one of the leading air conditioning companies in the area, if this unfortunate event happens. Our team specializes in AC repair and replacement.

How to Protect Your AC

Surge protectors don’t provide enough protection against a surge from a lightning strike. Install a protection system in your home to keep your air conditioner safe. This is especially important if you live in a place that’s prone to thunderstorms.

Lightning rods, conductors, and ground rounds direct lightning safely into the ground and away from your house. However, they don’t provide guaranteed protection, so it’s best to turn off your AC during thunderstorms just to be safe.

When it comes to your heating and cooling needs, you can count on Stone Heating and Air. We’re one of the area’s most trusted and experienced home heating companies. Call us at (541) 203-2399 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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