Features to Look for When Buying an Air Conditioner

Nothing beats being in an air-conditioned room on a scorching summer day. However, there are certain things you need to be mindful of if you’re thinking of buying a new AC for your home.

Features to Look for When Buying an Air Conditioner

Stone Heating and Air, your trusted air conditioning repair expert, talks about features you should look for when buying an AC.

Energy-Saver Switch 

With a typical air conditioner, the fan constantly runs, even if the compressor is off,  An energy-saving switch turns off the fan when the compressor is turned off.

Oscillating Vents

Run by an internal motor, these vents automatically sweep the airflow coming from the unit side-to-side to evenly cool the room.


Make sure that your unit has warranties for both parts and labor. At Stone Heating and Air, our HVAC replacement products and services are backed by comprehensive warranties. We also specialize in HVAC maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly and remains in pristine condition.

Remote Control

With a remote control, you can conveniently adjust your air conditioner’s settings from anywhere in the room. This is especially helpful when you need to adjust the thermostat at night.


A timer automatically turns the AC on or off at a scheduled time, even when you’re not there. This allows you to come home to a cooled house.

Sleep Mode

This feature raises the room’s temperature a little at night to prevent nighttime chills.


An exhaust or ventilation system enables outside air to circulate into the room.

Choose Stone Heating and Air for your heating and cooling needs. Our experienced technicians will carefully assess your home and needs so we can recommend the best system for your living space. We offer a wide selection of heating and cooling units from top manufacturers, as well as HVAC repair and duct sealing services. Call us at (541) 203-2399 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.


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