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The old corporate office plan typically includeed private offices surrounding the perimeter of the work floor, with cubicles in the middle. This design is now dated, however, and businesses are shifting to a more open office plan featuring workspaces for different activities.

It’s not unusual to find privacy pods for employees who need to concentrate on a project or lounges where teams can collaborate and discuss. Meetings are held in open areas with just enough seating for those who should be included. Evenair conditioning companieshave had to adjust to this new setup.


One of the most obvious changes between these designs is the presence of more natural light. As there are no private offices lining the perimeter, the space benefits from all the light coming through larger windows. This too has had an effect on the air conditioning needs of modern offices.


Here are a couple of the strategies that HVAC companies and builders employ in heating and cooling open-plan offices:


Taking Advantage of Daylight


As mentioned earlier, a modern, open-plan office space can benefit from windows that provide more natural light. This reduces the need for artificial and harsh lighting. Sunlight also helps reduce the space’s dependence on artificial heating during winter. However, to combat excessive heat during summer, windows with Low-E glass or UV tint offer an advantage.


Sufficient natural light has also been known to improve employee health and morale.

Calculating HVAC Size and Load


Carefully designed modern office spaces can lead to a reduced need for cooling and heating, so smaller and more efficient HVAC systems are taking the place of energy-guzzling behemoths. Contractors can determine the right size and load capacity of the HVAC unit the office space needs to reduce energy consumption.


It’s not enough to simply install an HVAC unit to cool or heat an entire office floor. There are many factors that only a professional can identify and address. To avoid problems with your HVAC, always work with a reputable heating and cooling contractor.


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