Why Heating Bills Increase in the Winter and What to Do About It

Winter is here, and along with lower temperatures outside you’ll almost certainly begin to see your heating bills increase. HVAC companies like Stone Heating and Air can explain what factors cause your bills to go up and offer tips to help you lower them while still keeping your home warm. We do just this below.


Temperature Differences

As the outside temperature drops, we all want to be warmer inside our homes, which is why we set our thermostats higher than normal to heat things up. This makes your furnace work harder due to the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation leads to heat loss through leaky windows and drafty doors. This requires you to run your heater more often or at a higher temperature to maintain your preferred comfort level, which will of course increase your heating bill. You may have occasion to wonder why, despite your heater always running, your house isn’t warming as it should. This is a sign of inadequate insulation. Fortunately, you can turn to trusted home heating companies like Stone Heating and Air, who can help determine the right amount of insulation for your home..

Increased Laundry Volume

We usually layer on extra clothes and add more blankets to counter the chill of winter. All of these items are going to need washed at some point, of course, and this along with running the dryer more often will also lead to an increase in your energy bills.

An Inefficient Furnace

Another burden to your wallet could be a poorly functioning furnace. If it’s old or hasn’t been serviced in a while, it could be struggling to achieve optimal performance. Let trusted air conditioning companies provide the necessary service before winter progresses further.

Proper Thermostat Setting

Lowering your thermostat setting may seem counterproductive when you want to stay warm. In truth, you likely won’t be able to feel the difference if you drop the temperature by a few degrees. At the same time, lowering the thermostat those few degrees could save you from 5% to 10% on your heating costs.

Consult Stone Heating and Air for energy-efficient functioning of your furnace this winter. Give us a call at (541) 855-5521 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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