How to Check If Your AC Leaks Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak in an air conditioner can sometimes be hard to tell. This substance is a vital part of the cooling process, playing a vital role in keeping indoor temperatures stable. This type of issue is not something you should ignore as this can lead to inconsistent comfort and premature deterioration of your HVAC system.

In this blog post, our HVAC replacement specialists discuss some of the signs pointing to a refrigerant leak in your AC unit.

Warm Air Coming From the Vents

One of the most obvious indications that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant is if you notice warm air coming from the vents. It is easy to tell by feeling which areas are not as cool as usual or which parts aren’t getting cold at all. It may also be accompanied by a noticeable change in sound levels while your AC is in operation.

AC Unit Not Turning On

If your AC is not turning on, it is also likely that it has a refrigerant leak, even when all other components appear to be functioning correctly. If the leak has gone unnoticed for a while and the air is escaping, your unit may not have enough refrigerant to allow it to turn on. Check the thermostat settings before deciding if this might be an issue indicative of a refrigerant leak.

Unusual Smells Coming From the Unit

Being aware of any unusual smells from your AC unit is also essential. If there is a refrigerant leak, you may notice a sweet scent or chemical odor near the vents. Sometimes, this strong smell can even make its way indoors. When this happens, it’s time for an air conditioning repair. Acting quickly if this happens is important as it could mean something more serious than just a simple refrigerant leak.

High Energy Bills

Another indicator of a refrigerant leak can come in the form of high energy bills. If air is escaping through the system instead of cooling your home, it could result in longer run times and higher bills due to an inefficiently running AC.

Get Your AC Back in Top Condition With Stone Heating and Air

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