6 Ways to Help Your Furnace Work Better

When buying a furnace, you should get what you pay for.  Everything in life is evolving and moving forward, yet energy costs don’t drop, which is why there’s always a payback in everything you purchase in this day and age. Yet, in making sure that your furnace works efficiently by investing some money in maintenance and repairs, you need to be sure that you’re not wasting your money.  A dirty and malfunctioning furnace might circulate dust around your home and will be more expensive to run.

6 Ways to Help Your Furnace Work Better

In this post, we share six ways to help you maintain the efficiency of your home furnace:

Clear the Clutter Around Your Furnace- Most furnaces used are gas furnaces that have an igniter inside of them with flames going. If you want your furnace to run efficiently, you’ll need to keep it free of clutter such as old pails of paint, old cabinets and anything flammable that might get in the way of your furnace. In addition to allowing normal airflow around your furnace, you’ll also be cutting the chances of your house catching on fire. If these things are too complicated for you to handle, you can check on your local home heating repair service providers and ask for their help.

Replace the Furnace Filter Regularly- Filters in furnaces eliminate ashes, pollen, dust and other airborne particles. An accumulation of dust on the screen will constrain airflow over time, reducing furnace efficiency. If too much airflow is reduced, the heat exchanger may overheat. For that reason, changing the furnace filter once every three to six months is necessary.

The removable filter will have a cardboard base in most furnaces, and should be replaced. For some models, though, It can be scrubbed or cleaned but review the furnace’s instructional manual first.

Run It Before It’s Needed- Some people tend to leave their furnaces off for a long time and use it only when necessary, only to find out there’s an issue. Thus it’s essential that in the days or weeks before you use your furnace again, you give it a try and evaluate if everything is fine or if some repairs need to be done. If you think there’s a problem, consult HVAC maintenance companies as soon as possible.

Check on the Burner Assembly From Time to Time- Check on the burner assembly. In some models, the burner is hidden behind a cover. If you see scorch marks or burned cables, contact a professional HVAC technician, as these are strong signs that flames are rolling out of the burner.

Have the Heat Exchangers Thoroughly Checked- If, upon checking the heat exchanger, cracks or deformities are spotted, contact a professional HVAC technician. It’s more than likely that the heat exchanger is emitting carbon monoxide into your house. Also, to give your furnace a total tune-up, check on HVAC companies that offer duct cleaning services to check and clean your vents and ducts.

Clean the Blower Fans- The blower fan functions by pushing air over the heat exchanger and circulating it around your home. Dust will accumulate over the fan blades; therefore it would be best if you clean the blades too. To do this, seek the help of professionals instead of doing it yourself.

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