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HVAC repair and replacement professionals are no longer surprised when homeowners ask them this question: “Should I turn off the heat at night to save energy?” Many people argue it’s the best thing to do, and to be fair it does make sense in a way: the furnace isn’t running, after all, so it’s not using energy, and energy you don’t use is energy you’re not paying for.

Heat at Night Save Money

However, the real answer is no, it’s not a good idea to turn off the heat, because it doesn’t actually lead to savings. Let us explain:

It Can Affect Your Rest

Temperatures below 60 aren’t good for sleeping. If you turn off the heat at night because you’ve got a heated bed or comforter, your body won’t be comfortable enough for deep, restful sleep, even if you like the winter cold. This can affect your productivity at work, which could lead to a lower income. Your health might also suffer, and doctor’s bills are an expense you don’t really want to have to deal with.

It Can Damage Some Parts of Your Home

Plumbing problems can be expensive to fix. A burst pipe, for example, can cost you several thousand dollars. If you turn off the heat in the winter, your pipes may freeze, which is a huge concern that leads to additional expenses.

It’s More Advisable to Turn the Heat Down, Not Off

If you really want to save money and avoid the problems associated with turning off the heat at night, what you should do instead is just turn it down. HVAC replacement companies recommend turning the temperature down by at least eight degrees before you go to sleep for eight hours or more, depending on how long you sleep at night. Install an automatic thermostat so you don’t have to manually adjust the temperature every day.

When you turn off the heat in your home during the winter, your home loses heat faster. When you turn the heat down instead, your home loses heat more slowly, so when your furnace kicks on again in the morning, it doesn’t need to work too hard or use too much energy making your home comfortable.

Turn the heat down when you go to work or leave for vacation, as well. This way, you lower your home’s energy usage without allowing the pipes to freeze.

You can save up to several hundred dollars a year just by doing this, plus you don’t have to spend money on expensive repairs due to freezing weather.

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