Improving Your Quality of Living at Home

Understanding how environmental factors in your home’s interior can affect your quality of living can help increase your comfort indoors. Stone Heating and Air, one of the top HVAC repair companies in the state, lists some of these factors below and suggests ways you can improve the quality of living in your home.

Improving Your Quality of Living at Home

Temperature and Humidity

Most homeowners pay attention to the temperature inside their home, but fail to take into account the role of humidity in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. These two factors usually go hand-in-hand. High temperatures prompt your body to produce more sweat, which is supposed to help cool you down. However, high humidity levels can interfere with the body’s natural cooling process. This is because it’s harder for sweat to evaporate if the air is humid and already has a lot of moisture in it.

When combined with high temperatures, high levels of humidity can make your skin feel sticky. To help control the humidity levels in your home you could get a dehumidifier, but your HVAC system will usually suffice. Just make sure an air conditioning repair and maintenance contractor routinely inspects and maintains your HVAC system.

Air Quality

High levels of humidity and poor air quality are a recipe for disaster because there’s always the chance that mold spores are present in the air. When exposed to enough moisture, these spores can result in mold growth, which further deteriorates indoor air quality.

An air purifier is able to filter out these spores, as well as other allergens like dust and pollen. Newer HVAC systems usually have an air purification feature, so if you have an older model, it might be time for an HVAC replacement. If you do happen to decide that the purchase of a new HVAC system if feasible for you, only hire reputable local contractors to install it.

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