Matched HVAC Systems: Why They Matter

During an HVAC installation project, cooling and home heating companies will typically check the compatibility of your units at home. This is to ensure the optimal performance of the entire system. Keep in mind that matched HVAC systems are made up of specific components which are designed to work together. If one of these works differently than the others, your HVAC system will suffer from poor performance and other issues.

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In this post, Stone Heating and Air lists the top reasons why you should have a properly-matched HVAC system.

Indoor and outdoor units operate together. Manufacturers develop HVAC systems with specific designs for indoor and outdoor units so that their various components will work together seamlessly. From wiring to coils, each part needs to be compatible with all the others to ensure that the air conditioning system operates efficiently. If you combine mismatched units, this can result in reduced operating efficiency. In worst-case scenarios, mismatched systems won’t work at all.

A mismatched HVAC system leads to reduced energy efficiency. HVAC companies also emphasize the importance of a matched system because this can affect its energy efficiency. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is typically based on specific system combinations or matched systems. If you get a new condenser with an 18 SEER efficiency rating and pair it with an air handler that’s designed for a 14 SEER system, your HVAC system won’t operate at 18 SEER efficiency. The newer unit with the higher efficiency rating will just be hampered by the older unit with the lower rating, and there will be additional strain put on the older, less-efficient unit.

Mismatched units can void warranties. If you install a unit that isn’t part of a matched system, the manufacturer could void its warranty. This can be a big problem later on, and you won’t have peace of mind since your equipment may not be covered in certain unfortunate situations.

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