Questions to Ask When You Get an HVAC Replacement Quote

Purchasing a new HVAC system requires homeowners to get estimates and quotes from their prospective contractors. If you’re confused about the difference between the two, an estimate is a contractor’s rough idea of how much the project will cost, while a quote is more detailed and accurate. In order to ensure the replacement meets your needs, here are some questions you can ask your air conditioning repair and renewal contractor.

HVAC Replacement Quote

• Does the new system include both a warranty and labor? It should be noted that most manufacturers provide a warranty for their various models and units, which will generally last for five years unregistered and up to 10 years registered. When getting a quote, it’s essential to learn whether your contractors will register the warranty automatically; otherwise, you’ll need to take care of the registration yourself.

• Where can I find the model number and SEER rating? To help you make an informed decision, your HVAC quote should have all the essential information, including labor and other additional fees. It should also include the equipment model number and SEER rating to help you determine how energy efficient your new system will be. You’re also urged to discuss with your HVAC repair technician how you can ensure the efficiency of your system is worth the investment.

• What accessories are needed? Accessories may be added, such as UV lights, an in-duct media filter and even an air purification system to improve your indoor air quality. These upgrades and accessories are often necessary to maximize your new system’s performance. For transparency, don’t hesitate to ask what else is included in the quote.

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