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Energy efficiency is the goal for many homeowners, but most aren’t even aware of what factors are at play. This is understandable, as there are many , from the weather to the type of HVAC system and even the electronic equipment you’ve installed in your home.

If you’re planning an energy audit soon, you should know what to prioritize on your checklist. Stone Heating and Air, one of the top HVAC maintenance companies in Central Point, shares more here.

Check for Air Leaks

Air leaks waste valuable energy in your home by letting drafts in and comfortable air out. A well-sealed home is an energy-efficient one, so be sure to check for air leaks. The most common locations where these occur are the windows and doors, but it’s also possible for an air leak to pop up as a result of a wall crack or a gap in the plumbing or the ducts of your furnace or air conditioner.

As for the latter, you can avoid problems with the furnace and AC ductwork by performing regular duct cleaning. That said, it’s better to have an expert do this for you, as they have the tools and equipment necessary for a more thorough cleaning.

Check Ventilation in the Attic

An attic that has poor ventilation wastes valuable energy and may cause the biggest energy loss in your home as a whole. Fortunately, keeping the attic ventilated is fairly straightforward with the right combination of soffit and roof vents.

Get Your HVAC System Inspected

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC system is in good working condition. If it’s faulty or suffering from damaged components, the system won’t work as effectively. It may still work, but its inefficiency could cause your system to work extra hard until it’s using an excess amount of energy , even at low settings.

Keep these things in mind during your next home energy audit. At Stone Heating and Air, we’re ready to help you with your home heating repair and HVAC projects. Call us at (541) 855-5521 to learn more about our services. We’re the HVAC repair experts in Central Point, OR.