Why You Should Winterize Your HVAC System

Winterizing is an annual chore that most homeowners have to deal with as the temperature begins to drop. Likely at the top of a long list of tasks this winter is checking out your plumbing, getting rid of drafts, cleaning your gutters and perhaps insulating your windows. But what steps have you taken to prepare your HVAC system? In today’s post, a furnace installation and duct cleaning company explains why winterizing your HVAC system should be your top priority and shares a few tips on how to do this effectively.

HVAC System

Winterizing your HVAC system. Winterizing your system ensures that you and your family will stay warm and toasty all winter. There’s nothing worse than discovering you have an issue with your HVAC system right when you need it the most, especially if you know you could have prevented the problem in the first place. 

Winterizing your HVAC system also helps guard against unexpectedly high electricity bills and ensures that your air conditioner is ready to use once the weather starts to warm up again. Home heating repair companies also recommend giving your unit the TLC it deserves so that it lasts as long as advertised.

How to Winterize Your HVAC System

Change the filter. Since air filters can go months without having to be replaced, you should get this task out of the way so you don’t forget about it. It’s best to replace it every one to three months.

Check for damage. Since your unit is exposed to the elements, cracking and rusting may occur over time. Inspect your unit and contact your HVAC contractor if you notice any damage.

Cover the unit. You can place a store-bought cover on your unit that’s specifically designed for outdoor units. You can also place a board on top of it–just be sure to leave plenty of room for air to circulate to prevent mold growth.

Keep an eye on it throughout the winter. It’s also a good idea to make a note on your calendar to check on your unit periodically throughout the winter. Snow and ice buildup can cause serious damage, which is why the unit should be kept cleared off.  

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