Why Your Air Conditioner Is Running Loudly

The low hum of an air conditioner is usually ideal in most cases. However, if you notice some loud noises coming from within the unit, it is an indication of an issue that needs to be addressed. Local HVAC replacement expert Stone Heating and Air explores the potential causes behind this problem and what can be done about it.

Age of the Unit

A loud noise coming from AC could be an indication of its age. The bearings of your system’s fan motor can wear down over time, leading to grinding noises whenever it is in operation. In addition, older units tend to require more frequent repairs and maintenance as components start wearing out faster.

Loose Parts

Loud noises from an air conditioner can also originate from loose parts. Heat exchanger sections, fan shrouds, and other unit components are held in place with fasteners that may become loose over time. When these parts start shaking during operation, it increases noise levels. This might need a proper air conditioning repair to ensure that all parts stay tight and secure.

Dirty or Clogged Components

Another common cause of a loud air conditioner is dirty or clogged components. The evaporator coil, condensate line, and condenser coils can all become clogged with dirt, dust, and other materials. This leads to increased sound levels from the fan motor as it struggles against the restricted airflow. Not changing your system’s air filter on schedule will also contribute to this issue by further restricting airflow through the HVAC system.

Incorrectly Sized Unit

Sometimes, a loud air conditioner may result from an incorrectly sized unit. When an HVAC system is too large for your home, it will have to work harder to achieve the desired indoor temperatures. This can put a strain on other components and increase overall noise levels from the AC as a result.

Contact Stone Heating and Air for AC Repairs

No one wants their air conditioner to be too loud. Not only does it become a distraction, but it can also lead to potential repairs and other issues down the line. Get in touch with the HVAC repair pros at Stone Heating and Air today for an inspection and diagnosis if you’re experiencing a noisy AC in Central Point, OR. Our experienced technicians will help ensure your system runs smoothly and quietly all season. Call us at (541) 855-5521 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach us online and we’ll get back to you.

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