3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

What if your air conditioning system suddenly won’t turn on? This is the last thing you want on a hot summer’s day, and when it does happen, it can make you go straight into panic mode. An AC unit that won’t turn on isn’t entirely uncommon, and fortunately, there are quick and easy steps you can take to determine what’s behind the trouble.

AC troubleshooting

Before you get in touch with an HVAC repair technician, be sure you first know the possible reasons your air conditioner won’t turn on and the possible solutions to each one.

Tripped  circuit breaker. Whenever there’s an electricity overload, the circuit breakers in your home shut themselves off. This is a mechanism that protects your home from fires. A tripped circuit breaker can be the result of too many appliances running at the same time or an older appliance that consumes too much power. No matter the reason, your AC unit won’t turn on if the breaker that provides power to it trips. Resetting the breaker can help resolve this problem.

Dirty evaporator coils and condenser lines. Your AC system is full of components that can collect dirt, dander and mold, including the evaporator coils and condenser lines. These moving parts play a huge role in the whole cooling process, and if unwanted particles build up in them, the unit will perform less efficiently, increasing the chances of it breaking down. Get in touch with a trusted HVAC contractor that specializes in air conditioning repair to schedule a tune-up.

Thermostat issues. You use the thermostat to control the temperature inside your home. If it’s experiencing issues, however, it can stop your AC system from turning on. It could have dead batteries, which means it’s time to replace them. If it’s still working, check the screen to see if it’s in “cool” mode and is set below the current room temperature. Consider upgrading to a better, more efficient thermostat if your current one is broken or outdated.

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