A dehumidifier can help keep your home’s humidity levels in check and improve indoor air quality. As one of the top HVAC maintenance companies in the area, we recommend that you watch out for these signs that indicate you might benefit from using one.


Condensation on windows and patio doors. One way to determine if your home’s interior has too much moisture is to check for the presence of what looks like fog on the glass of your windows or patio door. As the indoor air becomes saturated with excess water vapor, it condenses, causing the glass to sweat. This can also occur when you have an oversized humidifier that puts out too much humidity. Moisture buildup can rot the wooden components of windows and may even lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Stale odor. The presence of mold and mildew in indoor environments is the result of excess humidity. You’ll notice this immediately when you enter basements, crawl spaces and garages in the form of a musty smell or odor. A dehumidifier can help with immediate moisture removal, but you’ll have to inspect further and eradicate the source of the problem once and for all. Meanwhile, if your HVAC ductwork is emitting the same odor, you might want to work with a contractor that provides duct cleaning services.

Moisture inside your home. In addition to mold and mildew streaks on walls and ceilings, be sure to check behind furniture at baseboards and inside closets. There could be evidence of water stain marks in these spots. Also, inspect the walls for any blistering paint or peeling wallpaper. Excess moisture can penetrate your walls in warm temperatures and turn into steam. This causes your paint or wallpaper to lose adhesion.

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