Home Painting: 7 Tips to Maintain Quality Indoor Air

Painting is a excellent way to give rooms an updated look, but before you start, remember: Paint will also affect the air in that room—and not in a good way. Most paint gives off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful chemicals that evaporate into the air, both during and after painting. The next time you’re considering a new painting project, follow these seven tips from an HVAC repair professional, Stone Heating and Air, to ensure you’re painting safely.

Maintain a Quality Indoor Air

1. Try to schedule painting for dry periods in the fall or spring when windows can more easily be left open for ventilation.

2. Choose your paint wisely. When painting indoors, always stick with paint made specifically for indoor use. Bypass oil-based paints in favor of water-based, or latex, options. Not only do they emit fewer chemicals, but they can also be cleaned up with plain old soap and water, as opposed to toxic solvents.

3. Clear the room. Do all you can to limit exposure to the space, not only while painting but also for two to three days after. This goes for everyone, but especially young kids, pregnant women and people with breathing issues.

4. Remove or cover your furniture to prevent the absorption of harmful VOCs, and consider putting up plastic-sheeting curtains or walls to better contain dust and pollutants.

5. Keep the windows open wide. As weather permits, an HVAC replacement company recommends keeping your windows open for about two to three days after painting to avoid unwanted exposure to paint vapors (and to return the quality of your indoor air to an acceptable level).

6. Use window-mounted box fans to exhaust vapors from the work area. Mount a box fan in the window and make sure it can’t fall out. If a fan can’t be used, make sure that rooms being painted have adequate cross-ventilation.

7. Take frequent fresh air breaks while painting. Avoid freshly painted rooms for two to three days whenever possible. Keep young children and individuals with breathing problems away. Leave painted areas if you experience watering eyes, headaches, dizziness or breathing problems

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