Replacing Your Furnace With a Heat Pump: What You Need to Know

Furnaces, heat pumps or electric heaters are important components of central air and heating systems found in most residential homes. But when your furnace or heater needs a repair, many HVAC maintenance companies will urge you to get a replacement. Here are some factors to review before you consider replacing your furnace or heat pump.

Replacing Your Furnace With a Heat Pump

What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

A gas furnace generates heat by burning combustible fuel, such as gas or propane, while an electric furnace generates heat in much the same manner that a hairdryer does, by blowing air over a hot element.

A heat pump works on a different thermodynamic principle: It draws heat from the outdoors (even if it’s cold outside) and transfers that heat to your home’s interior. So while a heat pump won’t generate heat, it’s able to absorb heat via pressurized refrigerant lines and then release it into your home.

Factors to Consider When Using Furnaces

Gas-powered furnaces are more capable of handling lower temperatures in the winter compared to heat pumps, which struggle to deliver heat efficiently when the temperature drops very low. So if you have an existing gas furnace and aren’t considering buying a new air conditioner, home heating repair experts suggest that sticking with your furnace rather than switching to a heat pump is the best move, since gas furnaces are still the most efficient option when it comes to energy efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Using Heat Pumps

It’s wise to switch to a heat pump if your home doesn’t use natural gas and your existing furnace is electrically operated. Although heat pumps also run on electricity, they use less energy compared to furnaces in heating mode. Opting for a heat pump is better if your AC has already reached the end of its lifespan. In a single installation, you can get both heating and cooling. This makes heat pumps the most budget-friendly option.

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