4 Best Practices for Programmable Thermostats

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their home more energy-efficient in order to save a significant amount on their monthly bills. According to HVAC maintenance companies, one of the best ways a homeowner can accomplish this is through programmable thermostats. However, that’s only possible if you follow certain practices in its operation.

Here, Stone Heating and Air lists the four best practices for programmable thermostats, starting with:

  • Adjust Your Settings When Your Home is Empty – During the weekdays, when everyone is at school or work, make sure to adjust your programmable thermostat to lower itself when the house is empty. That way, you won’t have to spend any extra money on a higher thermostat setting.
  • Choose a Model That Matches Your Family’s Schedule – There are many kinds of programmable thermostats and when you’re trying to pick one, home heating repair professionals recommend that you choose a model that matches your family’s lifestyle and schedule. By doing so, your thermostat can be customized according to your needs throughout the entire week.
  • Adjust Your Thermostat if You’re Going on Vacation – If you’re going on vacation for an extended period of time, be sure to use your vacation setting to lower your thermostat to 55 degrees while you’re gone. That way, you won’t have to deal with the high energy bills that were caused during days when you weren’t even at home.
  • Adjust Your Settings at Night – During the nighttime, on the other hand, set your thermostat back, especially during the winter season. Since you’ll be covering yourself under blankets and sheets for warmth anyway, you won’t need as much heat from your furnace as you normally would. This allows you to save on your heating bills as your heating system won’t have to work harder than it should to keep you warm.

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