Furnace Leaks: 4 Possible Causes & What to Do About Them

Water leaks from a furnace makes it easy for panic to set in, especially since not only can these leaks cause moisture damage but the temperature around your home is dropping as well. As much as possible avoid panicking if this happens as there are ways to easily solve this problem.

Instead, HVAC replacement pros recommend that you turn off the furnace and anything associated with
it around your home. Afterwards mop up the water that accumulated on the base of your furnace and call a professional to repair the furnace. While this is simple enough to do, some homeowners are still wondering what could have caused the leaks in the first place.

In this post, Stone Heating and Air lists the four possible causes of furnace leaks.

  1. Leaking Humidifier – If you added a humidifier to your furnace to make your home more comfortable during dry winter months, it’s possible that this is the cause of your furnace leak. This is because humidifiers constantly have water moving through them so if they become clogged or sustain damage, they can easily start leaking water from your furnace.
  2. Broken Condensate Pump – The condensate pump pushes the water through the lines and away from your furnace. If your furnace is leaking, consider checking this part as they can experience mechanical problems that often cause leaks.
  3. Leak or Clog in the Condensate Lines – On the other hand, if your furnace is high efficient, they can create condensation through heat exchange. This condensation is drained safely out and away from your furnace via the condensate line and drain trap. However, if these condensate lines are clogged or has a hole in it, HVAC repair pros say leaks are likely to occur.
  4. It Might be the Air Conditioner – Sometimes, it’s possible that the leak isn’t coming from the furnace after all. Instead, it could be coming from your air conditioner as they also have condensate lines and a drain pan. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that the source of the leak is coming from your air conditioner’s damaged condensate line.

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