Dealing With a Noisy Furnace

Furnaces are complex pieces of equipment, so repairs are best left to a trained professional if they begin acting up. This includes situations where they hum, indicating an actual problem. As DIY repairs aren’t recommended for this kind of dilemma, your air conditioning repair experts will talk you through what you can do to address the issue.

Noisy Furnace

Why Is My Furnace Loud?

  • If there are banging or popping sounds, this could mean that the inside of your furnace is dirty and is affecting the combustion of the gases inside. This will cause cracks in your heat exchanger. 

  • Scraping sounds coming from your furnace could indicate that your system has severe problems with its blower wheel. It’s either broken and needs to be replaced, or the blower has come loose and is now hitting the casing.

  • There may be gaps in the ducts, or your ducts could be too small. If this is causing the noise, you’ll hear it coming from a small hole near the point where the ductwork and furnace connect.

What You Should Do

Get assistance. Once you’ve turned off your furnace and have examined the wire connections, you’ll need to call your air conditioning repair contractor for help. For an HVAC replacement emergency like this, you may be required to change the transformer. It’s worth noting that this work involves handling 120-volt line voltage wires, testing the transformer with a multimeter and disconnecting electrical connections. Don’t attempt this unless you’re very experienced with electrical wiring.

Conduct regular maintenance. Noises can be heard when your heating system is dirty. Dirt and debris can accumulate in your furnace, affecting the combustion process inside. Along with the noise it creates, buildup and clogs can damage your unit’s heat exchanger. This shows how important it is to keep up with regular maintenance routines and perform repairs as necessary.

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