Determining Whether Your Furnace Is Overheating

The furnace is known to be an essential piece of equipment, especially during the winter, as it’s a gas-powered central air system distributing heat into vital areas of your home. Its main components are the control system, burners, heat exchanger, gas valve and duct and ventilation system. It’s worth noting that, like any home appliance, it may encounter issues that must be addressed immediately, such as overheating. But why does a furnace overheat in the first place? A trusted home heating company discusses the matter in detail here.

Furnace Is Overheating

Unpleasant smells. If your unit doesn’t work correctly, your indoor humidity will rise, especially during the summer. This can eventually lead to mold, mildew and musty smells. Moreover, should you smell gas or a burning smell in the winter, leave your house and reach out to a professional immediately.

Old age. A furnace has an average lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. As soon as it reaches the last few years of serviceable life, its internal components will start to deteriorate. Air conditioning companies say it will eventually no longer recognize that the unit is overheating.

Gas valve malfunction. A gas-powered furnace has a gas regulator component that determines how much gas should enter the unit. If it starts to malfunction, it won’t prevent the flames from growing in size and producing excess heat. The heat exchanger may begin to overheat as a result. Get in touch with your trusted heating and air conditioning repair technician to have your equipment inspected.

Restricted airflow. A furnace may also overheat due to restricted airflow. Consider checking the air filter if it’s dirty, and clean or replace it with a new one immediately. Ensure the return vents aren’t blocked by household items like furniture or window treatments. Doing so may help prevent the equipment from cycling on and off.

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