How to Tell if You Have an Air Duct Leak

Your central HVAC system has a network of ducts and vents that distribute heated or cool air throughout your home. But to ensure your indoor air quality and comfort remain consistent, you need regular inspections and maintenance. This includes thoroughly checking your ductwork for leaks that can compromise how your system functions.

Air Duct Leak

It all starts with knowing the telltale signs that ducts are leaking air. The home heating repair experts at Stone Heating and Air share some of them here.

Excess Dust in the Air

If you notice that you have an unusual amount of dust in your home, it may be caused by a hidden air duct leak. Since the ductwork is installed in places that conditioned air doesn’t normally reach, like the attic and crawl spaces, dust that has gathered in these areas may be drawn through the cracks and into the system. It is then circulated throughout your home, causing allergy triggers and other health problems.

Old or Damaged Ductwork

Leaks in old and deteriorating ductwork are a problem that isn’t easily addressed with duct sealant. If this is the case with your air ducts, professional HVAC maintenance companies recommend having them replaced. You may not need to replace all your air ducts; the technician can inspect your current system and replace only those sections that are old or damaged beyond repair. They can also use a specialized duct sealant to seal the connections between the sections while also using a construction-grade seal to tape any other holes, cracks and breaches in your ductwork.

Higher Energy Bills

You can determine if you have a hidden leak in your air ducts (as well as check your HVAC system’s efficiency) by observing your monthly energy bills. If you see a steady increase in energy consumption, you’ll need to schedule a professional inspection. Leaky ductwork shouldn’t be ignored as it can force your HVAC unit to work harder than necessary and lead to more energy consumption.

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