The Best Way to Prep Your HVAC System for Fall & Winter

With fall already here and winter not far behind, soon you’ll find yourself using your HVAC system more often than ever. But how do you ensure it runs smoothly during these seasons? Here our home heating repair experts at Stone Heating and Air share a few tips for prepping your HVAC system this fall and winter.

HVAC for Fall and Winter

Turn down the heat when it isn’t needed. There’s bound to be some rooms and areas in your home that don’t get a lot of traffic. You can turn down the heat in these areas, but this is better with a programmable or smart thermostat, as you won’t be able to set it with a normal thermostat. We also suggest lowering your thermostat by around 10 to 12 degrees at night or whenever you’re not at home, since there’s no need to heat your home when there’s nobody around.

Make sure your unit is properly maintained. Most HVAC maintenance companies recommend that a residential heating and air conditioning system should be maintained at least twice a year. This is to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and any potential problems are addressed immediately. The best time for this is during the fall and spring seasons, right before they begin to be used more frequently during the subsequent winter and summer months.

But even with professional maintenance checks, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tricks To ensure you’ll stay warm and comfortable during the winter months, there’s a simple step you can take. But before you start, make sure you power down your system to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Clean and change your HVAC air filters. This is one of the easiest tasks you can do yourself, and it should be done at least once every three months, or sometimes even sooner depending on how you use your HVAC system. A clean, proper filter will help keep any dust and debris from entering the outdoor HVAC unit and freezing, which can affect its performance in the winter. Listen to your unit closely as well for any rattling or banging sounds, and if you do hear them, call in a technician to address the issue.

If you’re looking for an expert in HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning, you can count on Stone Heating and Air to get the job done right! To get started, contact us by calling (541) 855-5521, or by filling out our convenient form online.

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