If you want your HVAC system to stay energy efficient this fall and winter, routine maintenance by trusted contractors isn’t enough. You also need to ensure your ventilation system can provide smooth airflow throughout the different areas of your home. As a trusted name among local HVAC companies, Stone Heating and Air shares some tips that can help you below:

Home’s Airflow Clean and Smooth

Clean your HVAC vents regularly. Dust and dirt don’t necessarily have to pass through your HVAC system to get stuck in the vents. A sideways gust from the outdoors, for instance, can blow dirt into the vents. This dirt can accumulate over time, obstructing the airflow coming from the vents. Make sure to check your vents for bits of paper, lint balls or other debris and clean them thoroughly to prevent them from affecting your vents. Otherwise, the dust and dirt can affect your home’s air circulation and cause health problems later on.

Check and replace your filters. Over time, an HVAC system’s air filter can collect dust and dirt coming in from the outdoors. If they start to clog, the air moving through them will be impeded, causing your HVAC system to work harder than usual. This will lead to more frequent breakdowns and repairs. To prevent this, make certain to clean or replace your filter at least once every three months. If you see that it’s gotten too dirty before it reaches this point, you might need to replace it more often than this. Home heating companies also recommend upgrading to a better air filter. Just make sure to consult with a trusted technician when changing to a different type of filter, as some filtration levels can make it hard for air to pass through.

Address duct leaks. Leaks in the ductwork will allow air to escape your home, which will cause the airflow throughout it to weaken. While it may be possible to seal these leaks yourself, this can often lead to more leaks or holes that will become more and more problematic over time. It’s best to have a professional diagnose the problem so that they can make the necessary repairs. If multiple leaks are found in different areas of your home, it may be time for a full replacement.

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